Residential Inpatient Program

Finding the right treatment options available for you or a loved one

Once an individual completes detox, it is time to receive managed care in a supportive and safe environment. A residential inpatient treatment option consists of a structured support system while recovering from addiction. The average stay ranges from three to six months and requires individuals to reside in the facility for the duration of treatment.

While, in treatment our residents are involved in a variety of activities, which include:

• Individual and group therapy
• Case manager meetings
• Informative sessions
• 12-Step meetings
• Fun activities
• Exercise

Our inpatient residential facilities center on providing the reinforcement and treatment you or a family member need to win the battle against addiction. It’s important for individuals to engage and participate in all of the activities to receive the full benefit of the program. The team of professionals at Sober Living Drug Rehab will also provide a post-recovery treatment plan to ensure continued success outside the facility.

Our inpatient facilities include comfortable accommodations located in serene and secure locations, offering privacy and confidentiality. Your stay also includes home cooked meals through the duration of the program, and around the clock monitoring and support of keeping to living a clean lifestyle.

When it’s time to choose a treatment option, look to Sober Living Drug Rehab to provide you or your loved one with the care and compassion needed to deal with dependency and other related mental health issues. We care about the type of treatment you choose and want everyone to be on the path to long-term sobriety.

Making a Plan to Live
Sobriety is a choice and people can learn to manage their addictions, get help for the mental or behavioral issues that may be worsening the problem and through therapy learn the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When it’s time to make a plan to live, please call us at the number above. Our caring staff of professionals will answer questions and get you started toward a new life.