Struggling with a Dual Diagnosis

Treating multi-symptom disorders

The condition known as a dual diagnosis stems from individuals who have a history of drug or alcohol addiction and a mental health issue or other medical and behavioral problems, which is exacerbated by the addiction. Dual diagnosis is also known as co-occurring disorder and is very common. It is estimated that roughly 4 million Americans suffer from a severe dependency and mental health problem.

Common Symptoms of a Mental Illness

To determine the type of treatment options to best suit an individual with a dual-diagnosis disorder, it’s important to understand the symptoms of mental illness. While this list is not comprehensive, it is meant to provide some insight of the inner struggle a person with a severe addiction and mental health problems face:

• Erratic sleep habits
• Thoughts of suicide
• Reckless sexual behavior
• High level of anger or irritability
• Feeling of hopelessness or guilt
• Drastic changes in weight and appearance

Treatment Options

Treating someone with a co-occurring disorder should have an integrated treatment approach, which includes inpatient hospital care and/or residential care. The safety these facilities provide is a highly structured environment with 24/7 supervision.

The Help You Need
Whether treatment options are for you or a member of your family, Sober Living Drug Rehab provides a team of professionals to evaluate the severity of the dependency, and works with local hospitals and doctors to clinically manage a detoxification process as well as provide the next level of treatment options.

There are several options for inpatient and intensive outpatient dependency management options, but the type of treatment needed will have to be fully considered. It’s important to have an individual’s complete cooperation and engagement in a program to move to the next level of recovery.

A dually diagnosed individual may not realize they have been ‘self-medicating’ or masking their symptoms through their dependency on drugs and alcohol, and many behavioral problems probably started during the teenage years. Sober Living Drug Rehab works to customize a treatment plan tailored to an individual’s unique needs.

Our team of highly trained staff provides a supportive and understanding environment for people who are willing to put in the work and transform their addiction to a life of sobriety. We know and understand the struggle of a dual diagnosis disorder and work with individuals and families to find the right treatment option, which include:

• 12-Step meetings
• Selective drug therapy
• Group and individual therapy
• Informative meetings and activities
• Group exercise and outdoor excursions

Living a sober life is possible even with a dual diagnosis. While the addiction may take longer to manage, sobriety can be achieved through careful medicated management and therapy.

To learn more about the treatment options available at Sober Living Drug Rehab, call us at the number above. Our team of skilled professionals will work with you and your insurance company to receive the best treatment available. If inpatient or residential care is determined to be required to reach sobriety, we will do what is needed to keep you or a loved one safe and comfortable while on the road to recovery.