What Should You Bring?

There several belongings that you can and will need to bring when you stay with us at Sober Living Drug Rehab. These items include
• 5 pairs of pants
• 5 pairs of shorts
• Short sleeved shirts
• Sweater(s)
You may not bring any clothing that are drug and alcohol related, depict violence, are gang related, midriff baring, short shorts, and/or are revealing. You are permitted to bring a swim suit as we do take beach trips. You may also bring exercise clothing, sunscreen, and a hat. If you forget any necessary items, a family member is permitted to send them to you.
You may bring a backpack to carry all your supplies in. All belongings will be and are subject to being searched at any time. Please bring your own pajamas, toothbrush, hairbrush, and other toiletries. You are allowed specific electronics if authorized by the case manager. Do not bring any valuables, as you will be living in a community setting. For OP, you can make plans to bring different forms of transportation if necessary.
Advice for IOP
Family members are able to send clients’ money for purchase through their accounts. We call this M.O.B (Money on Books), and it is a prepaid credit card that is issued weekly with a $50 limit. This is so the client and our facility is protected. If you send your loved one cash, it will be kept in a safe cabinet along with your loved ones other personal belongings. If a purchase is needed, clients will be escorted to convenience and shopping stores such as Target, Walmart, CVS, and/or Rite Aid.